New York

Department of State Corporations (including forms):

MSB: Banking Dept. (212) 709-5507

  • Banks and banking statutes in BNK Banking
  • Credit Unions statutes in BNK Banking Article 11 Credit Unions
  • Minors Alone: from BNK link, select Article 6 - SAVINGS BANKS; § 239.
    Repayment of deposits of minors, trust deposits, joint deposits, and
    deposits adversely claimed; interpleader in certain actions; statute of limitations
  • Power of Attorney: in GOB - General Obligations,
  • Probate Code: in EPT - Estates, Powers and Trusts
  • UCC: in UCC
  • UTMA: in EPT - Estates, Powers and Trusts
  • LLC Statutes: in LLC