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MSB: Dept. of Labor, Licensing & Regulation Commissioner of Financial Regulation (410) 230-6097

  • Statutes: Using Internet Explorer go to Select "I Agree" for list of Titles (See list of Titles on left)
  • Banking Statutes: Select Financial Institutions
  • Minors Alone: Select Financial Institutions, Title 5 Banking Institutions, Subtitle 3 Deposits, Section 5-305
  • Credit Union Statutes: Select Financial Institutions, Title 6 Credit Unions
  • Power of Attorney: Select Estates and Trusts, Title 17 Maryland General and Limited Power of Attorney
  • Wills: Select Estates and Trusts
  • UCC: Select Commercial Laws
  • UTMA: Select Estates and Trusts, Title 13 Protection of Minors and Disabled Persons, Subtitle 3 Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
  • LLC Statutes: Select Corporations and Associations, Title 4A Limited Liability Company