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MSB: Alabama Securities Commission (800) 222-1253

Law: Select "Code of Alabama" for all statutes, then select "View" to see list of statutes or "Search" to search the statutes:

  • Banking Statutes: See Title 5
  • Minors Alone: See Title 5, Chapter 5A; Section 5-5A-37
  • Power of Attorney: See Title 26; Chapter 1A
  • Probate Code: See Title 43 Chapter 8
  • Identity Theft: See Title 13A Criminal Code, Chapter 8 Offenses involving theft, Article 10 The Consumer Identity Protection Act
  • UCC: See Title 7 Commercial Code
  • UTMA: see Title 35 Property, Chapter 5A Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
  • LLC Statutes: See Title 10A Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code; Chapter 5A Limited Liability Companies