Red Flag Talks – Preventing Financial Crimes Series


Produced and Written by:  Gettechnical Inc.

During this program we will look at all types of financial crimes.   What are the key crimes that our account holders fall victim to?   What can we do to detect these crimes?  Financial Crimes Network (FinCEN) has issued red flags to help us protect our institutions and our account holders.  Learn how to detect and report the red flags to the Bank Secrecy Officer.  Be a part of the solution!   You are so important to the prevention of financial crimes.


20 Programs under 15 minutes

Each with a quiz

Certificate of Completion

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Target Audience:

Tellers, New Accounts, Branch Managers, Operations, Lending, Call Centers, Online Banking Staff and all employees who work with account holders.

  1. Red Flag Talks–Money Laundering
  2. Red Flag Talks–Elder Financial Exploitation
  3. Red Flag Talks–Human Trafficking
  4. Red Flag Talks–Human Smuggling
  5. Red Flag Talks–Cyber Crime
  6. Red Flag Talks—Mail Related Check Fraud Schemes
  7. Red Flag Talks–Mortgage Loan Fraud
  8. Red Flag Talks–Insider Fraud
  9. Red Flag Talks–Disaster Relief Fraud
  10. Red Flag Talks–Identity Theft
  11. Red Flag Talks–CVC
  12. Red Flag Talks—Fentanyl and Other Drug Trafficking
  13. Red Flag Talks– Cash Back Schemes
  14. Red Flag Talks– Kleptocracy
  15. Red Flag Talks—Tax Refund Fraud
  16. Red Flag Talks—Trade-Based Money Laundering and Funnel Accounts
  17. Red Flag Talks—Ransomware
  18. Red Flag Talks—Marijuana Related Businesses Misuse
  19. Red Flag Talks—Terrorism Domestic and Foreign
  20. Red Flag Talks—Making referrals to BSA