BSA For The Staff Bundle – ON SALE NOW!


The BSA For The Staff Bundle contains three webinars, regularly priced at $567, on sale now for only $399!

This bundle includes the following webinars:

1. BSA for Lenders.

Without proper training, your financial institution’s lenders and lending staff may be inadvertently involved with financial crimes. During this webinar, participants will learn how to have conversations with account holders, how to respond to incorrect information on loan applications, common schemes involving loans and what to do and who to tell when caught in a “felony moment”. This BSA program is strictly for lenders and lending staff and will complete their annual BSA training requirements.

2. BSA for the Board.

This program will cover the five pillars of BSA. Your Board will learn how each pillar holds up the anti-money laundering program at your financial institution. The Board, through management, is ultimately responsible for the Bank Secrecy Act at your financial institution. This will help Board members understand some of the big picture in BSA.

3. BSA and OFAC Training for the Frontline.

The front line is our eyes and ears on the ground. The front line is tellers, new accounts, lenders, branch managers and everyone who interacts with a customer. The job of the front line is to identify red flags, file CTRs, complete CIP, keep records on wires and monetary instruments. This is a look at all the key components of BSA from the frontline point of view including new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules and their impact on our policy and procedures.