10 Ways to Boost Your Professional Maturity


Webinar | 1 1/2 Hour | 2.00 CE Credits

Professional maturity isn’t tied to age like the name might suggest. Instead, professional maturity relates specifically to how one acts and reacts on the job. It is acquired through the development of a rich combination of self-awareness, self-evaluation and personal insight on how to respond and act according to circumstances. It is observable; something you can see or hear.

When demonstrated, professional maturity communicates that the individual is focused, trustworthy and can manage their emotions. Learning about self-awareness has many payoffs. The clearer you see yourself, the better the odds you can gain awareness regarding best choices. Self-awareness is the internal mirror you need to see if your behavior is appropriate. Self-evaluation is the art of learning how to measure and monitor if what you are doing is matching up with what you wanted to have happen. The goal is continuous improvement.

Personal insight comes with mentoring, learning, investigating, observing and the willingness to not always be right or in charge.

You Will Learn How to…
• Become Self-Aware
• Practice Self-Evaluation
• Gain Insight
• Acquire Flexibility
• Polish Your Image
• Reputation Management
• Manage Your Emotions
• Maintain Confidentiality
• Manage Attitude
• Practice Courtesy & Kindness

Who Should Attend
Managers and staff personnel who want to polish their professionalism will benefit from this webinar.

About the Presenter
Janice Branch has been a senior training consultant for InterAction Training for twenty years. She is a very seasoned presenter who has all the right stuff to wow her participants about the subject matter. Prior to joining InterAction Training, Janice was the Senior Manager of Training for Consolidated Communications where she managed, designed, coordinated and presented training programs for this multi-state telecommunications company with over 1000 employees. Janice obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Management from Almeda University and is certified by the University of Houston in Leadership and Management. In addition, Janice obtained trainer certifications from Achieve Global and Development Dimensions, Inc.